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Name: Rhialyn Kei
Owner: Lily
Website: Sweet Trance.

Rhialyn is a MSD [hybrid] Mika ~! ^^

(Comments by Lily)

Likes: Reading manga (esp Chobits ^^; , listening to music, playing with pretty fabrics, hugging her Teddy-chan, poring over Kera and GLBs... (oh no ~!) etc

Dislikes: Scary insects, thunder, the dark and lots more...

Personality: Very cute and innocent, loves learning new things everyday and loves morning (& noon & night) hugs. ^^

[ talk ]

Rhialyn: *clicks to AR* Am I the first MSD here ? o_O ! *looks at other older SDs and gets intimidated* Uuu ~!!! *runs to Lily*

Lily: Goodness, she's so terribly shy still ! Must be the lack contact with other SDs... *sighs and pats*

Message to Razkil:
Razkil-nii ~!!! Can I hug you ? Can I ? Can I ? *bounces hopefully*

Seph and Razkil:
Razkil says "okay" to the hug. ^_~


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