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Name: Pixie DuFrois
Owner: Moonxtal
Url: Pixie Dust

Pixie is a Volks SD Nono13!

Likes: Black cats!, reading about unicorns and other mythological creatures, going outside, posing for pictures, her cd player, punk and goth styles.

Dislikes: Being bald, being unstrung, not having an extensive wardrobe yet, being alone.

Personality: Pixie loves to go outside and have fun. She wants to visit all kinds of places and take lots of pictures. More than anything Pixie want's some friends... preferably a Boy-friend *wink* Pixie has a bipolar nature and sense of style. Meaning one day she's loud and outspoken and the next she's gloomy in mood and dress. But through it all she keep a sharp wit and a sweet nature.

Pixie's message to Razkil:

Pixie: Hi everyone! Hi Razkil! Moon's been a fan or your site since she first discovered SD's!
Moon: Yep!
Pixie: I love Ferrahn! Can I pet him? Will he bite? I just want to boop his little nose! ^^
Moon: You may want to fight that urge, Pix...
Pixie: I'm sorry about the 'head' thing... I hope you get it back soon.
Moon: *nods* I wish you luck as well, we're on pins and needles waiting for it to come home too. The Canadian post is super slow trust me!
Pixie: Take care Razkil. Bye bye Ferrahn!

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: Hi Pixie (and Moon)! ^o^
Razkil: Hello.
Seph: Thank you for the kind words regarding the package. Now that we have it, the post doesn't seem to bad after all. ^_~
Ferrahn: *purrs* And let me tell you, Pixie, you don't want to touch me unless I say you can.
Seph: Ignore him. ^_^;

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