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Name: Mikuro
Owner: Marta (astrosnik)

Mikuro is a second edition Lucas. ^o^

Likes: Playing his violin, sketching, reading, solitude.

Dislikes: Nosy questions, noisy people, having to change his clothes.

Personality: Mik is very aloof. He does like to look at SD pages online, and wishes he lived closer to other boys. He doesn't like to ask for things, even if he really wants them.

Message to Razkil:
Mik: Um, yo.
Marta: Mik, say something else. ^^;
Mik: Are you taking pics of me again?
Marta: Well, we're sending them to Razkil and Seph.
Mik: ..... well, okay, if you think they really want them...are you done yet?

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: Hey Razkil, here's someone who doesn't like changing clothes too!
Razkil: Do we want his photos?
Seph: Yes!
Razkil: Oh, okay. We do want your photos, Mik.

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