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Name: Luciel
Owner: Leechy

Luciel is a customized CP Luts El ^o^/

Likes: Sollitude, he enjoyes being with friends and having calm deep conversations. He loves the beach, and is addicted to it, luckily he lives 15 minutes from it. He loves summer rain, finds it cleansing and beautiful. He is a poet, a singer, an artist.

Dislikes: Hot summers. Lies and whispers in the corners. Himself for being a coward sometimes, his escape from his best friends and his band.

Personality: Luciel is a very calm and quiet person. He tries not to let anyone notice him and objects if anyone tries to entertain him. He doesn't want to be in the way.
He loves clubbing, not because of the crowd and their eager to please him, but because he loves to dance, it makes him forget anything but the music.

Luciel's message to Razkil:

...erh... Hi Razkil >.<//
Lee: God damnit Luce, look in the camera when I'm trying to take your picture (geez! one wouldn't believe you're a rockstar)
Luce: erhm.. sorry... Hi Razkil.. Kamahn and Silren, Errand, everyones favorite cat-boy Fer..
Lee: I don't think he likes being called boy Lu...
Luce: Sorry cat-man Ferrahn, Khairi, Shy, and also the two newcomers Luthien and Evien. I think I remembered everyone.. wait.. Hi Seph ^^'/
I don't know.. I've read your diary, and looked through your album.. and... Ferrahn, I like you... I think there's so much more beneath the surface, I would be proud to call you friend.. but.. well, I'm faaar away.
Lee: weren't you supposed to say hi to Razkil??
Luce: Yeah sorry, welcome back Razkil, Lee has been going insane with fear and grief for you
Lee: O.o'''
Luce: *goes on without noticing* And it's good to see you in photos again, even if I haven't been here the whole time while you were.. away..
Lee: Luce... I think you are starting to mumble.. you don't want to bore them
Luce: >.<! no.. sorry for my rant... anywho... you all rock.. and to the newcomers... You're gorgeous.. but play nice.. and be good to your host... Ja
Lee: ^^ *pets Luciel* *remembers something* Ah.. and Kamahn.. I love you X3

Our reply:

Seph: Hi Luce and Lee! ^o^
Razkil: Hello.
Errand: I want to say hi too! =^_^=
Ferrahn: So you like me, eh?
Errand: I think he said that because he feels sorry for you. =P
Ferrahn: You'd better watch your back later today, rat. *purrs*
Seph: Luthien and Evien can't be bothered to comment, but Luce, I liiiike yooou. ^o^
Ferrahn: And we will stop there before she says anything else more stupid.
Razkil: I like Luciel too.
Ferrahn: I said we stop.

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