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Name: Liune Dergabat
Owner: Andrea aka Gothic diva (lol)
Website: Melancholy

Liune is an FCS F08 girl! (She's also the first SD in Mexico! ^_^)


(Written by Andrea.)

Likes: Reading, watching T.V. ,comfortable and nice clothes, sleeping, writing, Bjork, black, being huged, going out.

Dislikes: Little children trying to touch her, children in general, loud music, bright colors.

Personality: Liune is very serious, grumpy and sour, but somtimes she can be sweet with the ones she loves. She has a very strong personality ( we fight all the time...*sigh* -_-).

Message to Razkil:

Andrea: C'mon Liune say something to Razkil and Seph ^^.
Liune: Why is he wearing a skirt on that pic ? *points at the monitor*
Andrea: Cuz he looks cute! dont you think so ?
Liune: ok *smiles*
Andrea: Ok, now, do you want to say something to him? and his owner?
Liune: *stares at Andrea* Why?....
Andrea: -_- *thinks* She`s hopeless* Please for once in your life be polite...
Liune: Im being polite...ok, ok ,ok stop doing those puppy eyes at me.
Andrea: *smiles* So? What are you waiting for?
Liune: *rolls eyes* Hi, Razkil, i like your name, its cute, and you are cute too. I dont like that mouse, i really dont, I like Silren and Kahiri and the other guy i dont remember his name. Hi, Seph, a pleasure to meet you *bows*. Happy now?
Andrea: Ermmm not really but it is ok....i guess

Seph and Razkil:
Seph: *laughs* Nice to meet you too, Liune. ^_~ And you too Andrea. ^o^
Razkil: Liune doesn't like skirts?
Seph: Erm...I'm sure she does!! ^__^; I hope you'll have more pictures soon, Liune! ^_^


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