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Name: Kida
Owner: Asuka

Kida is an F08 SD13 girl from Spain! ^_^

Things about Kida:

Kida: STOP! Razkil will read this... I can talk about myself :P
Asuka: Ok... ^^U
Kida: I'm a beautiful spanish dollfie, I'm the only one here! That makes mevery special... do you like special girls?
Asuka: Kida, stop -_-U. I'm embrassed -_-U.
Kida: Can we make a fanclub for Razkil?
Asuka: ...

Seph and Razkil:
Seph thinks Kida is very cute! Razkil doesn't know what cute means, but we're sure he'd say the same thing if he knows. ^_~

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