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Name: Kellen
Owner: Bailey

Kellen is an FCS F28 SD13 boy. ^o^

(Comments by Bailey.)

Likes: ...pretending to be moody, roses, pretty girls (*snicker*) Pretty boys, almost anything that's pretty, Razkil...., hanging out with his buds (Allistaire, Corrigan, etc)

Dislikes: Falling, wearing clothes, obnoxious noise, children XD, heat, being alone

Personality: Kellen acts all tough and mean but really, he's a sweety. He loves company and going out. He loves having his picture taken, he's a real camera hog. He really likes to go places with me (unless there's children) All in all he's a pretty nice guy ^^

Message to Razkil:
......Hi, you're very sweet....

(Bailey says: He doesn't talk much ^^;;;)

Seph and Razkil:
Kellen is one gorgeous gorgeous boy. ^o^
Razkil's glad to find someone who doesn't like wearing clothes as well! ^_~


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