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Gabriel & Mycroft

gabriel & mycroft

Name: Gabriel & Mycroft
Owner: Lyn

Gabriel is a custom F29 SD13 boy in beauty white.
Mycroft is a fusstastic Ty Beanie.

Likes: Books, words, stories, Japanese food, tea, quiet, his bunny hat, his brothers & friends, sleeping. Mycroft likes tea, complaining and cheese.

Dislikes: Noise, having no hands, no books, or no hat. Mycroft dislikes practically everything, especially dogs and cats.

Personality:Gabriel is a quiet, studious boy, who loves his friends and family deeply. He seems to have infinite patience, which helps when Mycroft is around. Gabriel worries too much though, and is a little shy.

Their message to Razkil:

Mycroft : GET OFF ME! What is the meaning of this?!
Gabriel : Lyn asked us to say hello to Seph, Razkil and Errand. And everyone else. They have lots of people living in their house. I don't know them all yet.
Mycroft : You're going to drop me.
Gabriel : I won't, I promise.
Mycroft : Oh very well. Lift me higher! One has to be presentable when talking to one's brother!
Gabriel : *lifts*
Mycroft : Greetings, brother Errand! As you can see, I'm living in England presentl with this... *looks at Gabriel* young man.
Gabriel : Hello Razkil... I'm glad you got your head back :) I think it made Seph very happy.
Mycroft : Do you MIND?! I'm talking here! Honestly, young people these days! As I was saying Errand, I'm well, although busy, and I hope you are well also. Do not let those young ruffians you cohabit with deter you!
Gabriel : Ruffians?
Lyn : I think he means Razkil, Errand, Ferrahn, Silren, Khairi, Kamahn, Shy, Luthien, Evien...
Gabriel : That's a lot of people. We don't have that many people.... *sighs*
Lyn : We'll make more friends. Give it time. And we have Pan-chan and er... Mycroft for now.
Gabriel : I don't understrand what Pan's saying though...
Lyn : Er... yes. I know. We'll work on that too.
Mycroft : Do you people MIND! I'm talking here!!!
Gabriel : I want some tea.
Lyn : Me too. *they wander off, leaving Mycroft ranting on his own, on the floor*

Our reply:

Seph: Gyahahahaha~! Another fusstastic mouse!
Razkil: Errand, you have a brother?
Errand: =O_O= I never knew I had a brother.
Seph: *grin*
Errand: I have a brother? =*_*=
Seph: You forget there are others like you.
Razkil: Like Mr Mouse.
Errand: . . . so that Mycroft isn't really my brother?
Seph: Er...he could be? You never know.
Errand: I don't have any brothers.
Razkil: Don't you want Mycroft to be your brother?
Errand: No.
Seph: can we say hi to Gabe? ^_^;
Razkil: Hello Gabriel. I'm glad you have your hand back now.
Errand: Though I still think it's a curse. Everyone Seph gets along with, a hand breaks in the household.
Seph: -_- Jeez.
Razkil: It's not true though.
Errand: Don't name any names, Razkil! You'll curse them! =*_*=
Razkil: . . .
Seph: Stupid mouse. Anyways... We're looking forward to Este when he comes home. ^_^

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