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Elizabeth Grace

elizabeth grace

Name: Elizabeth Grace
Owner: Mary

Elizabeth Grace is an F-04 head on a SD Sara body. She is a customized head by "some Japanese guy".

Likes: hugs, kisses, mommy & daddy, comfortable clothes, reading, writing, dogs, cats, teddy bears, doll parties, and sitting by the window.

Dislikes: Liars, people who don't say "Hello," dishonest people, flakey people.

Personality: Elizabeth Grace is painfully shy around most humans, is quiet and reserved but is incredibly sweet, innocent, introverted, but very friendly and open amongst other SDs.

Elizabeth Grace's message to Razkil:

Elizabeth Grace: ...
Mary: Now, now Elizabeth don't be shy... say something to Razkil.
Elizabeth Grace: Umm ... Hello. My name is Elizabeth Grace. Nice to meet you.
Mary: That's better. =D
Elizabeth Grace: Have you ever been to an Doll Parties before? They are a lot of fun. Do you think you might come to next Burbank Dolpa?? It would be so nice to meet you in person.
Mary: Honey, I don't think Razkil is from around here I think he lives outta state. =/
Elizabath: Oh. He's still welcomed to come ...if he wants to...

Seph and Razkil:

Razkil: Hello.
Seph: Hello Elizabeth Grace! ^_^ We would love to go to a Burbank Dolpa if we could.
Errand: Just don't invite Ferrahn.
Seph: All of us. ^_^ Thanks for being a guest! ^o^
Errand: Where is Burbank Dolpa?

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