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Name: Darrin Sonnto
Owner: Angelic Sorrow aka.Leechy
Url: Severed Souls

Darrin is a customized SD Ryo. ^_^

Likes: Writing music, jrock, Közi, the color red, his band, designing clothes and sewing them. Walking at night and the sea at winher.

Dislikes: His father, being called gay, jogs, his red bunnyslippers, loneliness, summer.

Personality: Darrin can seem a bit selfcentered to strangers, but he's a very loving and giving person. He has darker sides to him (depressions) but usually he hides this under humor and sarcasm.

Darrin's message to Razkil:

Hi Razkil *waves* aren't you a hottie! Just want to say hi, beeing in Denmark dosn't make it easy to meet other like me.... I'm soo lonely.

AS: What do you mean? you have me!

Darrin: yes.. well... that's... great..

AS: *sigh* I promise I'll get a friend for you as soon as possible.

Seph and Razkil:

Seph: We have a guest from Denmark! ^o^
Razkil: What's Denmark?
Seph: It's a place far away.
Razkil: Oh. *looks at Darrin* Very far away?
Seph: Yeah. ^_^
Razkil: On the computer, he's here.
Seph: Er..yeah. ^_^;; Well, with computers, visiting friends from far away is possible. ^_^
Razkil: *nods* Hi Darrin. . . .What's a hottie?

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