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Name: Dante
Owner: Christy

Dante is an FCS SD13 F28 boy! ^_^

Likes: Dante enjoys excitement and action. He also enjoys his photoshoots because he likes himself...ALOT! He adores his buddy Michael and takes care of his 'little bro'. Dante likes black and red as well as nice material, his boots, and enjoys practicing with his sword. He enjoys a lot of attention and usually plays it really *really* cool...

Dislikes: Bad demons. No matter what they are. He believes they should be faced and conquered. Being out of control, cold tea, lint on his velvet. He also doesn't like being licked in the face by very large dogs.

Personality: He is constantly searching for adventure and entertainment. He is never at a loss to acquire new and exciting information. He is well-read and very skilled with the sword. He is a leader and wants to make sure that those around him are okay and well taken care of. He can come across as very intimidating at first because he has that sort of 'evil stare' he likes to play up on. But later as you get to know him and pay him compliments he starts to soften up.

Dante's message to Razkil:

You know, Razkil, if Ferrahn is getting too arrogant for ya, just invite me over and we can have a little fun with him!

Seph and Razkil:

Ferrahn: *snarls* I don't like this guest.
Errand: Why not? I like him a lot!
Seph: Heh heh.
Razkil: What will you do to Ferrahn?
Errand: Pull his ears off! =^_^=
Ferrahn: The rat will find himself "lost" one day.
Errand: I'm sooo scared.
Seph: Er... Right. Hi Dante! ^o^
Razkil: Hello.
Ferrahn: Watch your back. *hiss*

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