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Name: Allistaire
Nickname: Alizel
Owner: Megan
Website: Pierrot

Allistaire is an FCS SD13 F-29 boy ; 3

(Written by Megan.)

Likes: attention, going places, being with friends, colorful things, being lazy, sleeping, being silly, acting tough, flirting, going outside, warm weather, cats, being photographed, getting new things, primping, being hugged and kissed, jewelry, intricate things, being barefooted, reading fantasy novels, showing off, being protective, art, drawing , music, being bald ^.~

Dislikes: being alone, being called girly, children, being dirty, insects, cold weather, dogs, close-minded people, not being able to move by himself.

Personality: Allistaire is quite charismatic. He loves to be loved, and will often do things to impress. Still, he can be shy if he feels intimidated. It is not hard to make him jealous, and sometimes he has a bad attitude, but he gets over it quickly ^^ He's friendly, optimistic, passionate, and a bit of a prankster ^^

Megan: Hey Alizel, you're going to be a guest on Razkil's website ^o^
Allistaire: Really now..*primps* do I look ok?
Megan: When do you not?
Allistaire: Errrr....right. What was I thinking. ^^
Megan: Is there anything you'd like to say to him?
Allistaire: *ponders*...Aha!

Message to Razkil:
Hey man ^^ I hope we can be good friends. I love your site and hope to have one of my own someday. BTW, that mouse friend of yours, what's his name...Errand? He's annoying. How about roughing him up a bit for me?? Well, Ciao!

(Megan: Always trying to be the tough guy T_T)

Seph and Razkil:
Seph: *laughs* Errand was quite insulted by that! But I'd be glad to rough him up a bit for you!
Razkil: Errand says he doesn't like you... What should we do?
Seph: *whispers to Megan and Alizel* Who cares what the mouse thinks! Hahaha!


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