The Moon Cake Festival

Moon Cake Festival this year was on the 11th September. Er…I know nothing of it other than we eat mooncakes, and we make offerings. *_* This site here is a pretty long read, but with a lot of information on this day/event. Here‘s a more amusing read. I’m just going to talk about the Moon Cake festival as I know it, I guess. ^_^ When we were young, we were told never to point at the moon. Some superstition, I suppose, but well, we just never point at the moon. I don’t know why we aren’t supposed to, but bad Read More

For Mars…

Yes yes, I do picture requests as long as I’m able to! ^_^ The previous post was supposed to be done following Lyndia’s suggestions. But grar. I need to be able to tilt Khairi’s head up to do the pic she wanted to see… *sigh* Anyways! Sharon wig and the lavender eyes for Mars! I was going to change his eyes when I remembered I needed to take pics of Razkil with them and his Sharon wig. ^_^ I took a lot more pics here because I liked what he was wearing. ^o^ He erm… is only able to tilt Read More

Khairi’s new face up

Okay, this pic shows you just how hard it is to get Khairi to look up. That _is_ supposed to be him looking up. -_- Well, I kinda think I succeeded a bit if you look at the top pic on the main page. T_T Check the “Poor Khairi?” little happening and tell me if Khairi even looks like he’s looking up at Razkil. The inability of his neck to tilt up decently is really getting to me. -_- Oh, and if anyone even realises, Khairi has had his third faceup. I’m glad I’ve already decided to send his face Read More

Khairi and Locke

I was bringing Khairi downstairs to put him back in his box when I thought I’d take pics of him with the kittens. But the kittens have gone and hid themselves behind a box in the storeroom. O_o So anyways, my plans foiled, I spotted Locke and thought, well why not? Poor Locke has become such an attention freak after Key had her kittens… Cute? Well, here comes a bad Canon moment: Kitten trauma! Kitten attack! *hysterical shrieks abound* Gods…from that pic, one would think that Khairi, if he were a person, would forever have a fear of kittens for Read More

Warm Razkil

I keep forgetting I had this picture I wanted to talk about. ^_^ I had changed Razkil’s wigs and when I put this browin short wig on him, I realised that I had trouble finding clothes to go with how he looked. Yes yes, I’m sure any of his other clothes would look all right with the wig, but somehow, in the mood that I was in when I put the wig on him, the other things he usually wore just didn’t seem “right”. Luckily I remembered that he had this thick white longsleeved er..sweater(?) and pulled it over his Read More

Khairi’s new shorts

Yeap yeap, he’s back to being Khairi again. We haven’t had any trouble from Kamahn since the day the scene happened. ^o^ Anyways, so I made Khairi shorts from Cassiel’s patterns. Luckily, a long time ago, I’d printed out the patterns too small and with only a bit of adjustment, they size Khairi pretty well. I only sewed up a prototype and didn’t add a waistband or snaps yet–but at least I hemmed! ^_^; So anyways… If you notice his arms, they’re designed so that they keep that angle towards the chest naturally. It’s a bit hard for his arms Read More

Kamahn & Khairi

Just a short while back, Errand had pitied Khairi for being so empty. In fact, it had surprised me that he would consider having another person live with us just so Khairi wouldn’t be so empty. *_* I guess he feels it more deeply since out of all the other stuffed friends Razkil has, he’s “Errand”, not just Errand the stuffed rat–I mean, mouse. Draven, when he found out about it said that Errand should mind his own business–especially when the toy’s not his. ^_^;; Yes, he’s a rather possessive little guy. ^_^; Anyways~! The scene (story) with the two Read More

Khairi’s fluffy tail~!

I tried to find a way to pin Khairi’s fluffy tail to his back. *laughs* And yes, it was kinda like pin the donkey!! Here’s a pic of Khairi sideways with his tail on! ^_^ I’d spare the loading of the pic if I could get the damn upload image function to work properly and create thumbnails. *sigh* But as it is, it’s here anyway. Here’s another pic… There’s a story to this picture actually. So all right, when do I not have anything to say about the pictures? *grin* But it’s only now with this diary, that I’m able Read More

Anne Razkil

*laughs* I took these pictures a few days ago, I think. *grin* Razkil only needs pigtails, a straw hat and a hingham dress–and throw in a trainstation in the countryside backdrop–and what do you get? Anne Shirley! *laughs* Well, okay, so he’s not that close to the image, but hey, we can always pretend! ^_~ Waiting for the train… Hm…when will it come… Oh, there is it. Bye…. Yes, please remember, Razkil is a boy. *laughs* I thought I’d throw that reminder in… ^_^;


So this thing still needs a lot of work, but I don’t have that much time to mess around with it at the moment! Grar!! But the important links are working, and the important templates have been edited. (Not that they all work perfectly.) But who cares~! The site has been moved to its new webserver (thank you sooo much, Lisa Dragon for the space!) and this new blog has finally been implemented. Ah…implemented. What a nice big word. Let’s hope it works in that context. ^_^ So anyways, yeah. ^o^ Feel free to link link link to our lil Read More

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