It seems that ants are a very common feature in our room, so I’m going to have to check Razkil periodically to make sure ants haven’t settled in his head. >_< But otherwise, here’s how comfy we all are in our new place. ^_~ We’ve had those rose-coloured eyes in him for so long they feel like his default pair nowadays. ^_^; I’m going to get him some green eyes when I can, since our greens have been dominated by Kaesh, Iksir and Yuki for a long time now.

Our new home!

Woo hoo, our new place! The room’s a lot bigger than expected. I can probably bring in a small table and bring more of the boys along, but I might go home now and then, so it makes more sense to keep the number of boys minimal. That way I don’t have so much packing to do every time I do go home. Not to mention, I don’t have enough doll-carrying bags. The arrow in the picture is pointing to Razkil’s chair. =) That’s where he’ll be. I’ll try to update the album with the related pictures later. Until then… Read More

We’re moving!

Here’s a backdated entry, cos I didn’t realised I never posted! ^_^; (There are a couple more to come.) So we’re going to be calling Miri (a city in the east Malaysian state of Sarawak) our home for the next three years. Yes, Seph’s heading there to study and most of the boys have had to be packed into boxes and left at home. Coming along for the move are Razkil’s F28, Ferrahn and Errand. =) Here’s us while packing: I’ll have to say that while getting Razkil ready to be packed into our carrying bag, I looked at his Read More


Look at who we have here~! I actually managed to win the lottery for Volks SDC Ryu a couple of months back! Thanks bunches to Su who’d been willing to help me get him, but couldn’t. Thanks to Cassiel who’d first brought my attention to him, and who later told me the lottery was going to be the day after I’d emailed her! (Thank goodness you’d told me in time! ToT) Thanks bunches to ezn gaiden who helped me out on the amount I was short on at the time. *grin* SDC Ryu is the first Volks doll that’s got Read More


It seems that my emails, and pretty everything else computer stored is in such a mess, I wasn’t aware that I had comments to my old entry back in June. O_o Eeps. To make up for it, here’s a post. *laughs* I don’t think I ever had the chance to introduce a little addition to our place. No. I’m not talking about the little Latidoll we got for Shy. But a little something I got for myself after Maki. This lil monster is Rika Maki: He’s wearing a new outfit set I got on eBay. Quite cheap and wellmade and Read More

Wig Preorders: 24-30 Sept! Special wigs available!

Hi all. ^_^ A new preorder begins today, 25th September and ends on Tuesday 30th September 2008. We’re accepting preorders for all our usual wig styles and also preorders for special “two-colour” mixed wigs. Look at our website for more details~! And also, available for sale are some special two-colour wigs~! Look at the special page for them here. There are only one of each, so it’s first come first serve! (Though you can always preorder the colour mixes if they do get sold out.) Have a great day~!

AR Diary upgraded!

Tonight, I finally attempted to updated the AR Diary’s wordpress blog. It was an update from 1.5.2 or something to the latest 2.5 or something, so the big jump was a bit of a concern. Looking around, I got worried over how complex it seemed, then I came across a solution which only had me adding a plugin and exporting my entries. I tested the import on a trial blog and it worked perfectly. Hohoho. So I deleted the old diary and installed a new one via Fantastico. Which was a mistake, cos it deleted my whole diary folder, which Read More

Still around~!

Yeah, we’re still around. *grin* Everything’s been in a state of neglect these days. Well, okay, so things have been in a state of neglect for months (dare I say years? T_T), but especially so since the beginning of the year. I’ve been so busy with night classes and all that that I haven’t really had the energy or inclination to do anything on my night offs. But yeah, I’m still alive. We’re all still alive and doing well. Here’s a few random pics… ^_^ This is a nohohon zoku I bought cos I’ve always wanted one. This version is Read More

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