[P365] #013 New toys

Instead of a completely AR pic, this was my pic for the 13th day of Project 365. It’s a collage cos I took so many pics. XD I only realised that we had so many pairs of MSD hands. ^_^; The default, which I should try to sell for next to nothing; a pair Miraj uses, and a pair Kamahn uses. Thank goodness the colours all look the same despite the fact that the default hand has never been used. *_* Kudos to Volks’ resin. =D

I received the extra stuff I got from Alice’s Collection. Might not have posted about that. XD The post is written up and all. Just needed a photo story mentioned in the post finished so that I could link to it. ^_^;

I’d meant to post a whole bunch of stuff, for the past two weeks, I’ve been letting the pics create another backlog. *gulp* And my pc looks like it’s about to give up on me, after working perfectly for only…2-3 weeks? *sigh* The blue-screen of death hit me last weekend–7 to 8 times. And Windows will crash randomly. T_T

I seriously can’t afford to think about fixing anything right now. Considering that my current setup (brand new pc) is less than 3 years old or so, and is only used regularly 4 months out of the year, I feel quite annoyed that parts might need replacing. -_- But gah. If it doesn’t crash out on me this Sunday, I hope to get a lot of work done while taking more pics. XD

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