Ours heads are in LA! XD How exciting~! =D It almost feels like ages ago since we mailed out our F28 and Yuki heads, but it’s only been a week!

I bought something a few days ago and I was so excited, thinking, oh, wait till Razkil sees this! Then I remembered that his F28 wasn’t around. ToT We’ve (or rather, Errand) has yet to decide what doll of ours Razkil should use to represent himself in pics. ^_^; I’m still thinking our Miraj would be best, though Zair needs some phototime in order to be more loved. ^_^; Actually using our lil Rika would be _awesome_. *o*

I find myself complaining a lot these days. I noticed that my earlier entries of our new boys were like, omg-he’s-perfect. Then, I start noticing the flaws and cos I’ve not talked dolls for so long, it seems like most of my posts these days are all about how dissatisfied I seem with one thing or another. *wince* I think I’m just a natural whiner and complainer. *small laugh* Well, I’ve not posted all the “whining” posts yet, but you’ll probably see them eventually. Don’t get me wrong though–I love all my boys. =D But the perfect heads will forever be the Volks F28 (now F17), F29 (now F16), Hewitt (Hyuui)! =D Well, okay, Kun is pretty much perfect too (if I can ignore the shadowy indents near his mouth). *laughs* I like the others, I really do, despite the griping and the seemingly lack of feeling I have towards them at times. =D

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