[P365] #005 The editing of pics

Last night, I was all happy, thinking that I was finally going to be done editing pictures from 2007, the last of unedited pics. Then I looked at my draft album with links to photostories (at least I had that organised years ago), and realised that pictures from June-Dec 2006 still needed edits. OMG. That was disheartening, especially considering it was almost midnight when I discovered that. -_-

Looking at those 2006 stuff, that was around the time when personal stuff had gotten depressing. And then in 2007, that was when I lost internet connection for months on end or something, and stopped posting much? Gah. I’ll recall it once I finish our timeline. ^_^;

But yeah. T_T A whole bunch more pictures to edit, and no patience to really do any edits. These days, the “Auto Tone” and “Auto Color” functions in Photoshops are my buddies–unless they make our boys look yellow. =D Heck, I don’t even want to mess with colour balances, so yellow it is, in most pics. ^_^; I mean, I’m only talking about photos. Let’s not even try to think about the photostories. T__T

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