[P365] #002 EMS’ed to USA!

I decided on embark on that Project 365 thing. You know, where you take a picture everyday for a whole year? =D I still have not decided if I will do a 365 of just the boys, and my toys. Or mix it all up with daily life stuff. But our first pictures of 2013 were of the boys. ^o^

Oh, and here’s the announcement:

This is picture #002 for Project 365. We’ve sent off Razkil’s head for his faceup! Oh, and Yuki’s too. =D Whee~! I spent soooo long on his faceup instructions. *laughs* OMG. I hope it turns out okay. ^_^;

During the past week or so, I went and looked at all the pictures we’d taken of Razkil with his current faceup. =D I decided to put them together; please take a look here, if you’re interested. =D I’d post them here directly, but I don’t want to deal with the coding. =D I’ve always meant to do individual gallery pages for Razkil and the others to catalogue their different looks. At least this means I’m one step ahead for Razkil. =D

So exciting, though yesterday, after putting Razkil’s F28 head in the box, I was like, omg, nooo, I don’t wanna mail it. ^_^;; We took a _lot_ of pics yesterday. Of everyone! =D I’ll post it up separately. I still have to edit them all, but can’t be bothered to do it today, but our last day with our F28 was awesome! =D Can’t wait to have him back so that I can fall in love with our F28 all over again! =D

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