Presenting Variq!

I found something I wrote a long time ago; a short description of our Vahri for including in his faceup instructions to Volks.

“Variq is a very quiet and solemn/serious boy. He likes sitting by himself and tries not to be noticeable. Because his owner likes looking at pretty boys with makeup, Variq has a doll-like face with stylised makeup. Because people will always be looking at him, he will be quite unhappy. ^_^;;”

His faceup isn’t as stylised as doll faceups are now.. *laughs* In truth, while he looked _perfect_ straight from Volks, there were bits of the faceup I didn’t like. Perfect was because the faceup portrayed _him_, but I did mess with it, and never got it fixed. Luckily he yellowed over time so that the mess I made isn’t noticeable. ^_^;

We don’t post enough about our quiet lil guy who’s never around much, but I seriously adore him. =D I’d love to get his faceup done exactly as I want eventually, but he’s still so much love right now. *hearts* I’m thinking, when we really get Razkil a new version in the future (and get both our F17s as well), Vahri will definitely get a new version too. Especially after what I’d just realised and confirmed about the Volks resin–the dolls don’t yellow quickly after the new skin change in 2008 or so. *_* Our SDC Zair looks pretty fresh in pics–though he’s dulled slightly in person. It really reaffirms again why I’m pro-Volks all the way. XD I could be biased since I don’t own any large non-Volks boys. >=D

Here’s another shot of our lovely Variq:

I loove his mouth. =D And his nose is so small and cute~! =D His up-the-nose shots are also so pretty. =D

It’s hard to see in pictures cos I usually brighten the heck out of them, but he has two indents where the cheeks meet his mouth area. I actually dislike them in person cos they create shadows. ^_^; You can kind of see them in the pic above–two shadows running down from the side of his nose to the corners of his mouth. I’ve actually contemplating sanding the area to remove the contours, which was why I ruined his faceup early when we first got him. But that’s how well sculpted he is, really. And even our Yuki, where his mouth curves at the corners, they cast shadows too. I think I’m a picky idiot. But yeah, whatever. =D

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