Mini mahjong

Last weekend, I got mini mahjong tiles!! =D Actually, I thought they were a set of mahjong and rummy tiles, but it ended up being mahjong only. =( I only want rummy tiles, actually, cos I looove the game. *sigh* But yeah, here’s me checking out the size of the tiles to see who it matches best. Pics were taken at night so they leave a lot to be desired. XD

Not too bad for Ferrahn, though still slightly too big.

Just about right for Rika. =D Boy, his face looks a lot paler than his body. *_* I wonder if it’s the UV spray preventing his head from yellowing at the same rate. >_<

Ferrahn looks like he’s demanding Rika to let him win. Haha.

Here’s everyone else placed at the table:

And here’s Ferrahn telling me not to buy stupid games that I myself don’t know how to play. -_-

At least we have one lil thing who doesn’t care what we get as long as he can mess around with it. ^_^;;

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