Featuring Rika Maki

I _did_ want to replace our Rika cos the lil guy’s body leaves much to be desire, etc etc. Then I looked at him again, and I remembered why I adored him in the first place. *laughs* Ah…he’s sooo cute.

Here’s a closeup:

That purple wig is definitely his default wig for now since it matches his faceup. ^_^; There are other wigs which fit him, but I think I’m just a big fan of Cassiel’s short punks. I like the wig style on all the boys. ^_^; I definitely got this purple one made especially for Rika, since it doesn’t look as long in the back on Khairi. I’ll definitely get a couple more colours for him when I can. ^o^

I really wanna redo his lips to make them lighter, but my acrylics had all been thrown out cos they’ve dried up. and with them my gloss, which is the most important, since I really only use pastels and pencils anyway. -_- One day, I’ll probably redo him with more blushing and makeup around the eyes. =D But gah. I really wish his body was better. ToT With these Korean dolls, resell value is pretty much zero. It’s almost impossible to sell him in order to replace him without having to pay 1.5 (after reselling, etc) more than I should. -_- Considering how broke I am right now, getting him a better body is a low priority. So my lil Rika will stay pretty docile (due to his limbs) for now. =D

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