Commissioned a repaint!

Oh wow! We’re going to be sending Razkil’s head off for a faceup! Eeee~! I’d been staring at AngelToast‘s stuff for a while now. I don’t know, might have been a year or so, and I had faceup details and sample pics all ready too, but I always missed the slots when they were available. So earlier this week, when I checked mail, I got a notification saying that Jan slots were open and I thought I’d try my luck and wrote in. And, omg! I got a slot. O_o *_* *o*

Dood, I am soooo unprepared to ship his head off like _now_. Eeeps. We’re all unprepared. It’s like, oh wow, we’ll be without Razkil for at least 6 weeks. *_* And just when it’s the holidays and I have free time on my hands too. >_< Oh gosh. Totally unprepared. *__* It’s almost been 8 years since Razkil’s F28 was repainted. About time he got a new faceup, right? Right? *__* But now that we’re about to send him off, it’s like…nooo… ToT

I applied for two heads so I’ve got another head I can send. I’ve always meant to send our Yuki along. But after not seeing all the dolls for so long, it’s like, hey, let’s stare at them a lot more first before repainting anyone… -_- But I felt bad for our Yuki, so I googled some Yukinojo pics and, well, decision made, our Yuki is getting a repaint. XD I want him _sexy_ and don’t really care what the others want. XD But Silren, Ferrahn and Razkil seem happy that our Yuki’s gonna be sexy, so it will be good. =D It’s gonna be exciting.

As seen in the pic featured, I’ve been staring at AT’s previous work and refining my faceup instructions. *laughs* Her work is now slightly more different (and more detailed) than I really want. So I’ve got like a list of “please-don’t”s in the commission details. I just hope I don’t come off as too demanding. >_<

But yeah~! Our darling F28 is finally going to get repainted! =D We’re keeping him with us till early January. But once offices open, the heads will be shipped off. =D Wheee~! ^o^

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