A pic!

I took a lot of pictures during the weekend! =D Was being uber productive. And…it seems that anything I’d said about replacing this, replacing that, gah! I can throw it out the window. ToT After spending time with the boys again, it’s like, omg, I can’t believe we’ve ignored all the dolls for so damn long. ^_^; Looking back, boy, we only had two meagre photoshoots in 2009! *_* And then inconsequential ones in 2010, and two more in 2011. Eeps. O_o

After that one weekend though, it’s as if we did a timeskip and those few years back all melded into one single period and if felt as if we’d never left off. ^_^; But yeah, it’s good to be back. =D

For now, here’s an old of our boys in Miri with my Gloomy:

It’s a pic from last year. More pictures and other stuff to come when I slowly get them done. I still don’t know how to organize myself, but I think I’ll put up the inconsequential 2009-2011 stuff first, and then move on with this year’s latest stuff. =D

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