AR D.A.M. #03: Someone is mad! *_*

Masamune: Hey! Woman!

Seph: Eeps. Yes, Masamune-sama!
Masamune: How dare you!
Seph: Eh? *_* Why are you mad?

Masamune: Why am I mad?!
Seph: Eeps. >_<
Masamune: Are you trying to be funny?!
Seph: No? Please don’t point your swords at me. ToT

Seph: Erm… Ten? What’s up?
Ten: . . .
Seph: -_-

Masamune: Look here!

Masamune: What is the meaning of this!
Seph: Oh, er… Haha. What about it?
Masamune: How dare you call me a doll!?
Seph: Er…I wasn’t implying you. You’re not a doll.
Masamune: *eyes glint dangerously* Then what am I?
Seph: A…er…

Masamune: Enough! I demand a Masamune appreciation month!
Seph: Eh? O_o
Masamune: Well?
Seph: Erm…yes? T_T
Masamume: Hmph.
Seph: Erm…
Masamune: *snaps* What?

Seph: Do you think you could get off our Yuki?
Masamune: Hmph. This thing is doing what it’s meant for.
Seph: . . .

Silren: *small smile*
Seph: Ferrahn is sooo going to kill me. Hahaha… -_-

Masamune: You! Stop moving!
Seph: -_-

Seph: Anyways, let’s all calm down and get along…


After a while…


Ferrahn: There you are.

Ferrahn: So you’re done with the photos?
Errand: Did you bully our Yuki?
Seph: Of course not!

Ferrahn: Oh? What’s this? You were taking pictures with this little shrimp?
Seph: Er…
Masamune: *twitch*
Ferrahn: *kicks Masamune aside*
Seph: *_*

Ferrahn: So you’re done?
Seph: Yeah.
Ferrahn: Then we’ll take Yuki back.
Errand: Oooh. A pinky! We haven’t played with those in a while.
Seph: Okay, so go play with them.


They leave…

Masamune: Did he call me a shrimp!?
Seph: Please calm down, Masamune-sama. ToT




Haha. I would so love to have a Nendoroid Kotarou to keep Masamune in check! That’d be so cute! ^o^ (Btw, this Masamune is from the Sengoku Basara series. =D)

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