AR D.A.M. #02: Prelim shots

A group pic taken yesterday. Strange chemistry going on, therefore the grouping actually felt weird. ^_^;;

I know. I could have put in more effort in the picture taking. But this is a preliminary shot of sorts. =D I’ll take closeups and what not once I change their eyes and hair. But for now…

Ah…my lovely Kaesh. =D The mood for him when I dressed him was some artisty type fellow in plain whites and long pants with wild hair. Though he might pass for a businessman relaxing at home after a hard day if his shirt (and hair) was a bit better cut. =D I’m wanting to see a different look for him actually, something more smiley, more of Feyn’s style. And with more detail around the eyes. But I don’t really want to mess with my probably-dried-up paints. Not to mention, it always takes me ages to get the mouths painted correctly; usually, by the time I’m done, I don’t really care about how I do the rest of the faceup. -_-

Our two minis: Miraj and Zair. Zair makes our Miraj look like his head is even bigger than usual. T_T I don’t really like that. So he gets minus points for now. He needs more love cos I’ve yet to find the right eyes or wigs for him. Actually, he has a really small face, and a big egg of a head, so it’s really hard to get wigs (which look too big) to look right for his small face. -_-

Oh. Looks like Rika wants a pic with his friend Miraj.

We need better eyes in 14mm. I bought a whole bunch of eyes in the size long ago, but they were the darkish shade like the green Rika is using, and we can’t use them. Cos look, the shade makes Rika look scary (no, it’s not just the green with purple combi). T__T

Zair: Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to make friends with weird…things?
Miraj: . . . erm…
Zair: *thinks* Oh yes, I bet they did.
Miraj: Erm…Rika isn’t a “thing”. He’s just a normal kid.

Miraj: He always smells like sunshine and honey. *sniffs*
Rika: *giggles*

Zair: *shudders* Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Zair: I’m outta here.

I was okay with Zair’s official faceup. But now, it seems I really am not. >_< I mean, seriously. Half-way there heavily-made-up bottom eyelashes? And halfway there eyeshadow? Ergh. If the bottom eyelashes weren’t drawn that thick, it might not have been so bad. But the makeup emphasizes his eye-shape, the bottom of which increase in size as they droop downwards (the top is pretty horizontal compared to the bottom). Seriously a bad eyeshape (for me). Miraj has this type as well, which is why I just use large 16mm for him and you almost don’t see any whites. Either that or I give him sanpaku eyes. Haha. My favourite moulds (Razkil & Kaehs!) don’t have eyeshapes like that, which means they can wear two eye-sizes perfectly. These lil guys with their over-sized eyeholes are just…annoying (forgive me!). T_T But yeah. The more I look at him, the more I think, Zair needs a new faceup. >_< But I’m like…ergh. Can I stand his current faceup for two months before I head back to uni? Or should I deal with drying paints and mess with him now? Not to mention, I don’t really know what look to give him, and when that happens, it usually takes 3-4 tries before I hit a right one (Kaesh, Sakaki and Miraj being our proof). -_-

Well, anyway. Enough rambling. =D

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