Ferrahn’s Pet

Ergh. I had quite an unsettling dream. -_- I dreamt that Ferrahn’s pet (his photo is below if you don’t remember him) was losing his faceup. ToT It was like one moment, his eyes were nice and silvery, the next, the silver completely faded and he was staring back with blank blue eyes. I know that in the dream, I’d stared at him, wondering what was wrong before it hit me. And then I got very upset. -_-

A couple of months back, I had a similar dream, but it was regarding either Ferrahn’s or the twins’ faceups. -_- I remember that I had touched their faces, and they felt sticky…like the material was melting or something. omfg. When I went home, I immediately checked the cats’ conditions. -_- The weather is really worrying because the heat will cause a lot of things to break down. All my ufo plushies’ feet and 1/6 plastic clothes, a lot of vinyl materials, fake pvc, the Go Guy’s hands and feet… T_T

It’ll be almost one whole month before I can go home. >_< So I’m trying not to think about it. ToT Another worrying thing is the big SD guys in their boxes. Those boxes are kept in my wardrobe, but I have no idea if any heat will get to them. >_<

I just realised that I don’t have any proper pictures of Ferrahn’s pet. That is soo going to change when I’m home for semester break. The cute lil guy needs his limelight.


  • Want to wish you good luck on your studies and it’s good to see the boys again. I miss their stories and can’t wait for a new one when you get free time to do it. 🙂

  • Well if something happens to his eyes, you can always send him back to me. I’ll be happy to repair him. But I think he’ll be fine. I still have the very first doll I made from over 10 years ago and her face, as crappy of a job as I did LOL XD, is still intact just fine. 😀 Dun worry!

  • I noticed that Ferrahn’s hands and feet were getting kinda…sticky? *_* Hahaha. We were like, omg, your hands and feet are melting!! *falls over* I just changed them with extras that we had lying around. ^_^;

  • Oh Ya. 🙁 That’s also caused by humidity + oils from our skin. Every once in a while, it’s good to wash his hands/feet with some dish soap. :3

    • Ooooh!! All right, all my 1/6ths are getting their hands and feet washed! Hohoho~! Thanks for that tip!!

      I’ll email you a lil while later with my address! I’d love to get leather collars for the cats! =D

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