This picture was almost not worth taking. T_T Why? Because we accidentally got _two_ spots of watermelon juice on Errand’s nose:

Omg. T__T I was in fear that the spots would stain and Errand wasn’t helping by crying his eyes out. I had to wash his mouse _twice_ cos it looked liked the spots were still visible. T_T The spots did wash out, but it brought to mind again the one fear we have: what will we do if something ever happened to Errand’s mouse? -_-

Every time I come across a copy of his mouse in shops, I want to get it as a standby replacement, but, every time, the mouse just doesn’t look right. -_- There _is_ a subtle difference and it just doesn’t seem very…Errand. -_- Let’s just hope that when the time comes, Errand would have found a Volks shell he likes or something similar so that we won’t have to find a replacement for his white mouse. >_< I know it wouldn’t feel the same, but if he’s prepared to let go of his mouse by then, I’m sure we’ll all be ready as well.

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