We’re moving!

Here’s a backdated entry, cos I didn’t realised I never posted! ^_^; (There are a couple more to come.)

So we’re going to be calling Miri (a city in the east Malaysian state of Sarawak) our home for the next three years. Yes, Seph’s heading there to study and most of the boys have had to be packed into boxes and left at home. Coming along for the move are Razkil’s F28, Ferrahn and Errand. =) Here’s us while packing:

I’ll have to say that while getting Razkil ready to be packed into our carrying bag, I looked at his face and felt so much love for him. It’s been a long time since I’d picked him up and it was like, hey, I love you. =) It felt so good. And I was like, hey, let’s do things again. And Errand and Ferrahn were like, hmph, whatever. ^_^;

I packed everyone else in boxes and I was tempted to bring along Rika, our tiny Bambicrony. But because I’d decided to pack away our Yuki, despite everyone’s protests, it didn’t feel right to bring anyone else. ^_^; When I was putting Miraj into this box, I felt really bad about it, especially since he looked so much like Razkil’s F28. ^_^; And because I didn’t have the plastic face-cover thing, it felt like I was suffocating him when I placed the cushion over him. In the end, I removed his head and put it together with Kamahn’s and packed his body away with Khairi’s body. Strangely enough, I didn’t really mind putting Kaesh into his box, despite the fact that I love his face the best after Razkil’s F28. Yuki, ah, I did feel bad about him. If he had been lighter and not so much of a pain to have around (he has trouble sitting), I probably wouldn’t have minded bringing him along.

Luthien and Evien and our collection of Go Guys couldn’t be put into boxes, so I cleared away a shelf and they’re sitting behind a glass pane:

Haha. They’re not very pleased, but it’ll have to do. Sadly, the cats’ collars have…decomposed, along with most of our pvc/faux leather-like clothes. Only Ferrahn’s collar is still okay—it looks to be real leather, rather than synthetic. I’ll have to see what I can do about the other collars next time. -_-

I had to throw out almost all our of synthetic-pvc/etc clothes. -_- And I had to throw out my favourite pair of Razkil’s shoes, and I had to throw out Khamiel’s boots as well. OMG. T__T I suppose after more than 3-4 years in a humid (if not, warm) place, the material’s bound to degenerate, but all I could think of is: my moneys! ToT Ergh. The AnotherSpace leather boots are still holding up okay, though a couple of them look like they might be in danger. T_T OMG. My moneys!

When I was lying in bed, waiting for sleep to come, one thing came to my mind: when I done with school, I’m going to air-condition my room 24/7 and invest in a humidifier. Then, we can buy all the pvc, etc stuff we want and ensure that they last longer than they have. -_- Am I the only one with this problem?

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  • Heeeey welcome back! <3 <3 <3
    You're not the only one! All of my PVC is falling apart too and I DO live in an airconditioned, humidity controlled house. Unfortunately PVC tends to fall apart faster when you play with it. I think it has to do with the oils from your hands accelerating the process. 🙁 As a rule now, I just won't buy PVC, no matter how cool it looks because yea, my monies should be invested better. But leather/pleather is fine. 😀

    I'll make the kitties a new collar if you'd like out of real leather. Just lemme know your shipping address.

    I'm so glad you're back lovin on the dolls! I reeeally missed you and them. ToT <3

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