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I actually managed to win the lottery for Volks SDC Ryu a couple of months back! Thanks bunches to Su who’d been willing to help me get him, but couldn’t. Thanks to Cassiel who’d first brought my attention to him, and who later told me the lottery was going to be the day after I’d emailed her! (Thank goodness you’d told me in time! ToT) Thanks bunches to ezn gaiden who helped me out on the amount I was short on at the time. *grin*

SDC Ryu is the first Volks doll that’s got me all excited after quite a long time now (I think we could be talking a couple of years or so). You have no idea how excited I’d been to find out that I’d won the lottery, and how anxious the two weeks had been where I’d spent waiting for my payment to Volks to clear! *laughs* I’m paying him off via my credit card’s 6 months installment plan (interest and charges free) to ease the slight financial stress the purchase causes me. But yeah, he’s sooo worth it!

I’d bought Ryu because on first impression, all I could think of was, “Omg, he’s a mini Tsukasa!” I think I’ve mentioned more than once before that the one doll I’ve ever regretted not getting is Tsukasa (and I _will_ get him eventually). So when I saw Ryu and how much like Tsukasa I’d thought he was, I just _had_ to get him in case the same regret came about again in the future. *laughs* And you know, I was right. I love him. I _loove_ him. *laughs*

Volks had emailed me on 26th September, and the package arrived in the country last week, but because of the wickedly long Aidilfitri holiday weekend that started on Thursday, I couldn’t pick him up till today (took a half day off just to do it too). I was sooo happy to see him peeking out at me when I opened up the box for customs inspection at the post office. I drove home as quickly (and safely) as I could in the rain. ^o^

His name is Zair. Za-ir; it’s pronounced like the “sire” part of the word “desire”, if you say it fast.

I love his faceup colours in general, but I do not like his bottom eyelashes. The look is very striking in pictures, but in person it’s odd to me, and it bothers me. This half-bottom-eyelashed look is the same with Yukinojou too, and it’s something I don’t like on our Yuki either. But the beautiful eyeshadow, around the corner of the eyes and on the bottom eyelashes is done just so perfectly. ToT I really would like him repainted so that he has bottom eyelashes all around, but I want the feel of his current faceup to remain. Ergh. I _will_ send the head off to be repainted once I find the resources (finance and expertise-wise). I love how heavily made up he is around the eyes, and it’s what lends him this sexy look, I think.

And you know something? If I ever wanted Khairi replaced with a better model that could pose better, stand better, and tilt its head around its neck better, I’d replace him with SDC Ryu. Just look at the picture above. It’s everything Khairi is to me. There’s a vulnerability to that beautiful face that’s so precious. The faceshape itself is so fragile with it’s pointy chin (reference: first pic). *sobs happily*

No, I won’t ever replace our Khairi, but you know, I bet Ryu is probably going to be Draven’s toy of choice from now on, if not mine. *laughs* We have found Khairi’s limited head tilts quite frustrating at times as it limits what we can have him do. The new Unoa body should solve that, but we haven’t got that yet… *laughs* So I guess until Khairi is improved, we can learn to get along with Zair for now. ^_~

I need smaller/larger fur wigs. Ergh. I’m _not_ stretching any of Khairi’s wigs to make them fit this irregular SDC size, and all my MSD wigs are too large on the SDC head. *makes a face* Luckily I’d bought 14mm eyes for Rika and hadn’t sold any of them. The blue eyes look rather good on Zair. But I need green eyes in his size; green is our colour of choice for all our dolls, and even Ferrahn who has the loveliest blue would choose green over anything else. And I want pink eyes for Zair too. Definitely pink. And maybe purple. *sobs*

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