AR Diary upgraded!

Tonight, I finally attempted to updated the AR Diary’s wordpress blog. It was an update from 1.5.2 or something to the latest 2.5 or something, so the big jump was a bit of a concern. Looking around, I got worried over how complex it seemed, then I came across a solution which only had me adding a plugin and exporting my entries. I tested the import on a trial blog and it worked perfectly. Hohoho. So I deleted the old diary and installed a new one via Fantastico. Which was a mistake, cos it deleted my whole diary folder, which had all my pics in it. -_- I’ve just uploaded the 2006-2008 picture folders and haven’t done the ones before as they aren’t that important.

The blog’s up again, and it’s the second latest version. I’ll probably upgrade to the latest version when I feel like uploading all those WP files manually. But for now, it seems all the entries are there. I just need to find a theme I like and tweak the appearance of the sidebar menu a bit. No time for that. I’ll do that next time. *laughs*

Here’s a pic of Ferrahn with the DSL:


I’d bought the crimson black DSL, thinking of an upgrade (of colour), but I didn’t like it and have since sold it. But with the two DSes, we’d previously been able to play Elite Beat Agents and other games together, which had been awesome. *_*


  • It’s nice to see you back! I was beginning to wonder if somwthing had happened to you! 🙂

    PS – This theme is very nice!

  • Sephy!!! The upgrade looks great! Glad to see you’re still around and posting. I almost gave up on you. XD XD XD

    Hope Ferrahn doesn’t scratch the screen with his claws. XD

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