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As reported months ago, Razkil’s bottom torso’s inner piece snapped off, and he became quite proficient in bending forwards. ^_^; Gosh, that’d been back in October? ^_^; We _did_ get the glue we’d needed for fixing the torso so I did manage to glue the two pieces together early February. *grin* I took some pictures as reference and I finally remembered to post about them. ^_^;

Here are the guys watching on while I got to work. *grin*

Well, Ferrahn’s not really being very bothered. ^_^;

Okay, here’s the SD13 body in the midst of being unstrung.

There’s the top torso (the chest), and the bottom torso (the belly and hips). You see the lil piece in the middle? That part’s actually supposed to be glued to the bottom torso. It sits on top of the bottom torso and acts as a kind of limiter so that the top torso has a limit to how far it can bend backwards and forwards. The top torso can only be bent so far before it hits that lil piece.

Here’s the lil piece:

There’s a lil “F” etched on it so you know it’s supposed to be facing the front.

And here’s a pic of the top of the bottom torso:

You can see Volks’ brand on it. *grin* The three lil bits circled is what that small piece is supposed to sit on. As a note, Razkil’s SD13 body has been with us more than three years and this has never happened before. ^_^;

And here’s how the bottom torso usually looks once the piece is stuck back in place.

And here’s the glue I wanted to use: Super X clear!

It’s just clear super glue and I use it also for applying on eyelashes on Kaesh. ^_^ Works very well, and you can remove eyelashes rather easily too when you want to.


And here’s a random pic… *grin*


  • Oh thanks! I was using your restringing tutorial and i saw that this piece was broken off (i bought the body used from Y!J and didn’t see it before) I thought my boy was some kind of alien because it didn’t look like your bottomtorso in your tutorial. xD Now i’m going to glue it back on~

    Thanks for making me feel like a normal BjD Owner again 😉

  • I’m glad it helped. ^_^ The stringing tutorial of mine is so old. I’ll update it sometime soon when I restring one of my boys to reflect the new system Volks has. Also, I use a string nowadays, which is less painful than that wire. ^_^;

  • Tell me about it xD My hands HURT. Btw, that middlepiece is a hell to glue on o.O I had to do it twice and i am living in constant fear it will brake off again >_> (i better not look at it again…)

  • *laughs* If it breaks off, just glue it back again. ^_~ But it shouldn’t break off it it’s glued on right, because unless it’s tension from the string, nothing really rubs against that piece to put enough pressure on the glue. ^_^

    If you use a sturdy string instead of wire to pull the elastic through when stringing, the whole process becomes very much easier. I’ve never seen a point in investing in a stringing tool. ^o^

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