So many toys…

What use are toys, when you have no one to play with?

Where’s the friend who always plays with you?

The one who always points you where the fun is?

Who needs friends when you have so many toys, you say.


It does get lonely, doesn’t it?


Let’s play?


Actually, I wanted to take pics of Variq, and it ended up being kinda…sad. -_- He and Pest had fallen out a long while back and neither have reconciled. So most of the time, no one mentions one to the other. Because of this, and other things besides, Variq’s shell hasn’t fulfilled anything; we had gotten it for a purpose, and well, it’s not been realised. -_- No one (other than myself and Razkil) plays with the damn thing, since most of everyone else don’t touch anyone else’s dolls except their own (with the exception of Ferrahn–and he still can’t be bothered with Variq). -_-

Variq’s shell is pitiful to the max… -_- I look at the lil guy and feel so sorry for him. -_-

You sometimes can’t help but associate the dolls with their owners, really. -_-


  • Variq truly is a sad little guy but I think he looks great with Razkil, so I’m a bit confused. I’m new to this whole Volks world, so please don’t think me to strange. What do you mean “No one plays with the damn thing”? so those dolls don’t belong to you, but are just being loaned to you for writing your ablum? Or do you mean that other dolls belong to your super dolls and they won’t touch but their own doll?
    =^^= please don’t think me to stupid to reply.

  • Hiya. ^_^

    The guys and I see the dolls as our toys. I’m in charge of the camera and help with the posing and stuff. Usually, most of them don’t actively help with posing the dolls, but some of them, like Ferrahn and Errand, will make sure I’ve arranged the dolls a certain way and that their dolls are active in pictures.

    I bought Variq his doll so that he wouldn’t feel so left out, and I’d hoped that with it, he would be able to join everyone when we’re playing together. And also, his friend Pest is the one who usually plays with our toys, and we do have extras lying around for him too. But well, now that they aren’t friends anymore, Variq hasn’t been around that often so his doll is pretty much neglected.

    Well, after that explanation, it might be that I’m the strange one. ^_^;;

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