Bleach T-shirt

Gosh. Here’s an entry I wrote up last month but forgot to post. O_o Mars gave us a Bleach mini-t a while back. ^_^ She’d meant it for Khairi, but Cassiel told me the shirt actually fits on an SD body, so I tried it on Variq. *grin*

Here’s Khairi wearing it, initially:

Variq’s boy looks like some shirtless punk. O_o

Shirtless punk who turns into something else after donning on the shirt and a pair of glasses:

And a lil extra…


Eeee! It’s Byakuya on the shiiirt! Byakuyaaaa~~! *hearts hearts* Lyndia went and helped my buy an Ichigo shirt! So we’ll have two Bleach shirts! ^o^ Hahaha. Initially, I’d wanted three: Ichigo, Byakuya and Renji. But I didn’t want to spend so much so I just bought one–and then Mars gave us another! ^__^

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