Variq’s new top

Gosh. Never had the chance to put up these pics. Mars had made Variq a cute top! ToT Gosh. I couldn’t take the pic so that his top shows properly, but I hope you can see it here:

Gosh. I’m so grateful for the top! ToT I mean, it even has the cutest ruffles down the front! ToT I hadn’t thought I’d be able to get Variq anything decent in his size for a long time to come and Mars goes and makes us something he can wear! T__T

Thank you so much!! Razkil’s very, very happy that you made something especially for Vahri, and I just know the boy homself will be speechless (not that he’s usually in any other mode) when he finds out. Thank you!!! ^__^

One more pic:

I couldn’t be bothered to tie his boots properly into ankle boots; the long boots aren’t _that_ bad… ^_^;

I’ve decided, I don’t like SD-sized shoes. They fit just right, but they make Variq’s feet look very small. I do acknowledge that I’ve made the wrong choice choosing normal legs instead of long legs for him. I had thought the shorter he was compared to the SD13s, the better. I just hadn’t counted on him looking like he has slender legs that ought to be longer. -_- And I am wincing over the fact that I hadn’t realised that the beautiful slender hands I’d chosen are the wrong ones for him. He’ll probably realise it himself when the time comes. -_-

The hands, I can’t do anything about as yet, but I will rectify the problem–somehow. As for the feet, the boy is going to be wearing SD13 shoes as long as they aren’t the clunky platforms from AnotherSpace. There was a pair of black SD13 shoes I had wanted to sell, but they suit him perfectly. Instead, I’m gonna sell the Minoruworld Saint shoes I got him. I’m sad, but I think it’s probably the best solution because they just don’t do. I can’t make believe they look right on him no matter what outfit he wears. I’ve gotten too used to the chunky big shoes on the guys. T_T


  • Argh, your last 2 entries didn’t xpost to LJ! T_T

    Well I’m glad you like it and Variq looks good in it =) Now I know it fits I can make more things.. Poor guy have no things in his wardrobe !

  • Yeah, I know the lj issue. But right now, I can’t really be bothered to do anything about it. ^_^ Heh heh. I’ll probably get up to doing it later…or something.

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