Hi all. Just wanted to make an announcement. ^_^ 14 February 2006 was the day our Variq’s shell was born. ^o^ I won’t be bringing it home till later this Saturday, but I thought to make an announcement first. Heh heh. ^__^ Pictures to come when he arrives! (Cos I wanna keep y’all in suspense! ^_~) Admittedly, I’d been staring at pics of him everyday on my phone. I resized them so that I could view them perfectly on my phone’s small screen. Hahaha. If you see me staring at my phone, you now know why.

I know that the F17s were supposed to be our pending doll purchase, but financial issues had come up so I had to cut into our resources a lot. And after discussion with ____ and Feyn, we decided to use what money I did have remaining to get Vahri’s shell. ^_^ And it turned out to be sooo beautiful! *tears in eyes* Actually, the shell fits in perfectly with Kamahn and Khamiel’s shell, so I guess you know what type of look to expect. *laughs* I suppose the sweet, ‘abuse-me!’ little boy look I’d wanted got left behind in my drive to make his expression perfect. (not to mention, rather unashamedly, perhaps my own personal taste had prevailed despite my best intentions.) ^_^; I know that Mars thinks that Vahri’s shell doesn’t look the way she had expected… *grin* But to me, with the facemould we’re working with, the faceup is perfect. He’s perfect for _me_. *laughs* The boy can grow the expression into his personality somehow; I selfishly don’t care how he’ll manage, but I’ve got one heck of a pretty piece of eyecandy and I plan to appreciate and force him to appreciate to. Hahaha.

I wanna show him off now, but we’ll wait! Gah. I’ll also update the ‘little happenings’ that’s been going on this whole next and the next when we get him. ^_^

Can’t wait! ^o^ The week so far seems to have gone pretty slowly, despite the bestest news. Hahaha. Let’s hope the next seven days go by a lot faster!

Anyways, dunno if anyone even knows who Variq is, but we mentioned him a very long time ago. ^_^ Actually, coincidentally, looking back at our album, he officially was mentioned in an entry dated 13th Feb last year. And we officially started the F29(F17) fund about a week later. Haha. I’d planned to have enough funds for the F17 _and_ Vahri. And later in the year, the plan became _two_ F17s _and_ Vahri (somehow). But well, the result of all that planning last year ended up with only Vahri’s doll ^_^;

Anyways, more Variq memories from the album: the poor kid is again mentioned here, about a week after his first introduction to the guys. Actually, I’ve just realised I’ve never covered his introduction. -_- But ah well… He stayed with us a couple of days and ran away when no one was looking. Needless to say most of us feel really sorry for poor Variq (who still didn’t have a name yet *_*). You actually see Silren telling Feyn to treat Vahri nicer. *_* Actually, Silren spoke a lot that time. Haha. It was surprising. ^_^; Anyways, that night, we decided to think of a name for Feyn’s boy. ^_^ After that, Vahri tends to be dropped off at our place now and then. Sometime in August, he met Pest and they became friends. Pest’s probably the first person Vahri can call a friend. The rest of us are like his babysitters. I don’t think he pays attention to us and finds us a bother when we push him to participate in our activities. ^_^; He’s also very lucky with dice, so he rarely gets asked to play board games. ^_^; Interestingly, Kamahn and Khamiel don’t think Variq’s real. -_- Here’s Kamahn’s words in the beginning. Not sure what they might say now, since it’s been a long time, but I still think they’re wrong. ^_^

Ah…Just so there’s a pic to go with this… Here’s our Kaesh:

Dunno about you. But he does kinda look cute in that turquoise wig. ^_^; Heh.


  • wow your new boy is niiiice… I just received my elf Yder from Cerebus Project yesterday… he is Sooooo nice =) I need blue eyes for him though.. he was shipped with lavender eyes.. they are nice but it doesn’t suit Keikai ^___^

  • *grin* Actually, that’s still one of my older boys. Haven’t got the new one yet. ^_~ I loove lavender eyes. Give me a holler if you want to sell them and the details. Heh heh. Did you get him with a faceup?

  • No I have to do his face up myself… well done it once with Ed and it wasn’t too shabby ^^;; so I guess I won’t be too bad the second time around. Well I may have found nice nice Metallic Blue eyes for him but I won’thave them till April ;.; because the seller won’t ship to Canada 9.9 But I have a friend in NY that is coming over in April so I should have the eyes at that time. (I don’t want my baby to be blind ^^)

    The eyes are 18mm plastic eyes. They are the ones Luts sent me with the doll, they no longer use Glass eyes =\ If you are interested I’ll sell them to you ^.~
    My hound is coming sooon…

  • Darn. I’m still interested, depending on the colour and price. ^_^ If you have a pic and a price in mine, email me. (just replace sd with my domain name)

    Gosh. You’re getting Hound too? *laughs* The BJD bug has bit you bad!

  • yes I knoooooow. But Hound is so beautiful… I can’t help myself HELP ^___^ well I made the last payment yesterday so he should be shipped soon and in my hands soon also

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