Presenting Variq!

I found something I wrote a long time ago; a short description of our Vahri for including in his faceup instructions to Volks. “Variq is a very quiet and solemn/serious boy. He likes sitting by himself and tries not to be noticeable. Because his owner likes looking at pretty boys with makeup, Variq has a doll-like face with stylised makeup. Because people will always be looking at him, he will be quite unhappy. ^_^;;”

Variq’s new shirt

Mars made our Vahri a shirt ages ago. I took pics and well, you know how it is. I just never got around to putting them up. Hahaha. So here ya go, our Variq in casual clothes: Thanks Mars! ^__^ I’d like to get him some nice blue eyes eventually so that he’d at least have _two_ eye colours. ^_^; Two shorts we’d bought for Razkil and Kaesh turned out to be SD sized, so he at least has two extra shorts now…though the beige one isn’t exactly his style or colour. *grin* Pics of bare legs next time. Hohoho.

Bleach T-shirt

Gosh. Here’s an entry I wrote up last month but forgot to post. O_o Mars gave us a Bleach mini-t a while back. ^_^ She’d meant it for Khairi, but Cassiel told me the shirt actually fits on an SD body, so I tried it on Variq. *grin* Here’s Khairi wearing it, initially: Variq’s boy looks like some shirtless punk. O_o Shirtless punk who turns into something else after donning on the shirt and a pair of glasses: And a lil extra… . Eeee! It’s Byakuya on the shiiirt! Byakuyaaaa~~! *hearts hearts* Lyndia went and helped my buy an Ichigo Read More

Variq’s new top

Gosh. Never had the chance to put up these pics. Mars had made Variq a cute top! ToT Gosh. I couldn’t take the pic so that his top shows properly, but I hope you can see it here: Gosh. I’m so grateful for the top! ToT I mean, it even has the cutest ruffles down the front! ToT I hadn’t thought I’d be able to get Variq anything decent in his size for a long time to come and Mars goes and makes us something he can wear! T__T Thank you so much!! Razkil’s very, very happy that you made Read More

Geek boy

Actually, this was one of the pics I took on Saturday night. Haha. For some reason, the glasses made him look like such an uber geek. It was why I tried different eyes on him later; I’d wondered if the glasses would look better once he had different eyes. Though I suppose I could have tried a normal colour instead of milky white. *grin* The droopy eyeshape/eyelids of the facemould doesn’t help improve the geekiness. *laughs* Okay, so maybe his gesture doesn’t help either. Hahaha. I think anyone who sees him like this will probably want to bring him home Read More

Here he is!

Say hello to Variq. Yeaps, we’ve got our beautiful boy yesterday, but I didn’t have time to update so here he is now. ^_^ I have most of the relevant stuff pertaining to Vahri’s arrival up on the album. A bunch of other stuff that’s just a tad unhappy needs to be slotted in amongst the current entries but those can wait. -_- In case some of you don’t bother looking at the snapshots, I’ve got a couple of Vahri in different eyes and wigs. Just something a little different from what he usually looks likes. So scroll down in Read More


Hi all. Just wanted to make an announcement. ^_^ 14 February 2006 was the day our Variq’s shell was born. ^o^ I won’t be bringing it home till later this Saturday, but I thought to make an announcement first. Heh heh. ^__^ Pictures to come when he arrives! (Cos I wanna keep y’all in suspense! ^_~) Admittedly, I’d been staring at pics of him everyday on my phone. I resized them so that I could view them perfectly on my phone’s small screen. Hahaha. If you see me staring at my phone, you now know why. I know that the Read More

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