A re-introduction

After a few weeks back from uni, I finally unpacked the boys. There’s a reason why I kept putting it off. *laughs* It took me maybe 4 hours changing eyes and putting on clothes and wigs. ^_^; And then mourning the loss of fake pvc/leather shoes and clothes. >_< But anyways, here’s a quick re-introduction of everyone as it’s been a while and even I might have forgotten. No,I kid. Really. *laughs* I had planned to do this next week, but I saw a post from someone on DOA posted months ago that motivated me to finish up this “re-introduction” Read More

AR D.A.M. #01: unboxing

I officially declare December Acquired Rapture’s Doll Appreciation Month (AR’s D.A.M. in short). =D It’s time to give the boys the love they deserve! Not to mention, I’m on my semester break (the so-called “summer” break for all australian school systems, even if it’s winter time–don’t ask. I don’t get it either, and I call it winter break, cos I know my seasons, but some uni friends call it summer break). *ahem* So yes, I’m jobless, and I’ve yet to apply for internship anywhere, because I’m still hanging on, hoping to be hired even if there’s only two months or Read More


I don’t know about everybody else, but to enter my room and see a scene like this is kinda cute.

Of course it could be just me. But this makes me happy. =)

Razkil’s playing with the DS and Errand’s looking at the chocolate book. Ferrahn was feeling grumpy-sleepy so he was just keeping a hold on lil evil. Razkil almost blends into the bedsheets with his current hair. *laughs*


I was in Popular a few days ago and I saw these tiny magnet recipe books. I just had to get two for Razkil even though they were kinda expensive. They cost RM14.15 (~USD4.5) each, but they’re sooo worth it. *__* If money wasn’t an issue, I’d get all seven books! I got the Coffee and Chocolate books. (I can’t find the link to the product itself on the company website, but it’s in their downloadable catalogue.) I’d say the books are a big hit. =) And you know, I’m missing seeing a physical shell for Silren. -_- He’s been Read More

We’re moving!

Here’s a backdated entry, cos I didn’t realised I never posted! ^_^; (There are a couple more to come.) So we’re going to be calling Miri (a city in the east Malaysian state of Sarawak) our home for the next three years. Yes, Seph’s heading there to study and most of the boys have had to be packed into boxes and left at home. Coming along for the move are Razkil’s F28, Ferrahn and Errand. =) Here’s us while packing: I’ll have to say that while getting Razkil ready to be packed into our carrying bag, I looked at his Read More

25 May 2006 : Visit to Mars

I think writing the date down for when pictures were actually taken is a good idea now… ^_^; Went to Mars’ place to try Damyn’s new pants on our Yuki (Damyn’s at her place for clothing measurement). I’d hoped to buy similar sized pants from the same seller, but it turns out that Hound waists are smaller than SD16. ToT The pants are Hound size and they fit Damyn (Latidoll Red) perfectly. I’d always assumed Hound were larger, and that their pants were actually loose on SD16s. ToT Rather disappointing really. So our Yuki doesn’t get new pants after all… Read More

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