[P365] #013 New toys

Instead of a completely AR pic, this was my pic for the 13th day of Project 365. It’s a collage cos I took so many pics. XD I only realised that we had so many pairs of MSD hands. ^_^; The default, which I should try to sell for next to nothing; a pair Miraj uses, and a pair Kamahn uses. Thank goodness the colours all look the same despite the fact that the default hand has never been used. *_* Kudos to Volks’ resin. =D I received the extra stuff I got from Alice’s Collection. Might not have posted Read More


Ours heads are in LA! XD How exciting~! =D It almost feels like ages ago since we mailed out our F28 and Yuki heads, but it’s only been a week! I bought something a few days ago and I was so excited, thinking, oh, wait till Razkil sees this! Then I remembered that his F28 wasn’t around. ToT We’ve (or rather, Errand) has yet to decide what doll of ours Razkil should use to represent himself in pics. ^_^; I’m still thinking our Miraj would be best, though Zair needs some phototime in order to be more loved. ^_^; Actually Read More

[P365] #005 The editing of pics

Last night, I was all happy, thinking that I was finally going to be done editing pictures from 2007, the last of unedited pics. Then I looked at my draft album with links to photostories (at least I had that organised years ago), and realised that pictures from June-Dec 2006 still needed edits. OMG. That was disheartening, especially considering it was almost midnight when I discovered that. -_- Looking at those 2006 stuff, that was around the time when personal stuff had gotten depressing. And then in 2007, that was when I lost internet connection for months on end or Read More

[P365] #002 EMS’ed to USA!

I decided on embark on that Project 365 thing. You know, where you take a picture everyday for a whole year? =D I still have not decided if I will do a 365 of just the boys, and my toys. Or mix it all up with daily life stuff. But our first pictures of 2013 were of the boys. ^o^ Oh, and here’s the announcement: This is picture #002 for Project 365. We’ve sent off Razkil’s head for his faceup! Oh, and Yuki’s too. =D Whee~! I spent soooo long on his faceup instructions. *laughs* OMG. I hope it turns Read More

Mini mahjong

Last weekend, I got mini mahjong tiles!! =D Actually, I thought they were a set of mahjong and rummy tiles, but it ended up being mahjong only. =( I only want rummy tiles, actually, cos I looove the game. *sigh* But yeah, here’s me checking out the size of the tiles to see who it matches best. Pics were taken at night so they leave a lot to be desired. XD Not too bad for Ferrahn, though still slightly too big.

Commissioned a repaint!

Oh wow! We’re going to be sending Razkil’s head off for a faceup! Eeee~! I’d been staring at AngelToast‘s stuff for a while now. I don’t know, might have been a year or so, and I had faceup details and sample pics all ready too, but I always missed the slots when they were available. So earlier this week, when I checked mail, I got a notification saying that Jan slots were open and I thought I’d try my luck and wrote in. And, omg! I got a slot. O_o *_* *o* Dood, I am soooo unprepared to ship his Read More

A pic!

I took a lot of pictures during the weekend! =D Was being uber productive. And…it seems that anything I’d said about replacing this, replacing that, gah! I can throw it out the window. ToT After spending time with the boys again, it’s like, omg, I can’t believe we’ve ignored all the dolls for so damn long. ^_^; Looking back, boy, we only had two meagre photoshoots in 2009! *_* And then inconsequential ones in 2010, and two more in 2011. Eeps. O_o After that one weekend though, it’s as if we did a timeskip and those few years back all Read More

Getting updated with Volks

I am in a world of pain. *_* OMG. A big world of pain. *_* I rightfully _avoided_ keeping myself abreast of any doll news the moment I started uni. Even to the point where I totally became a social recluse, cos at that point, it seems all my friends were doll friends. *laughs* OMG. I’ll be graduating next year, but even so, it was no reason for me to look at any dolls. BUT. T_T OMG. BUT it was all Shy’s damn fault. T_T I wanted to think further about getting a replacement tiny for him and one thing Read More

Our new home!

Woo hoo, our new place! The room’s a lot bigger than expected. I can probably bring in a small table and bring more of the boys along, but I might go home now and then, so it makes more sense to keep the number of boys minimal. That way I don’t have so much packing to do every time I do go home. Not to mention, I don’t have enough doll-carrying bags. The arrow in the picture is pointing to Razkil’s chair. =) That’s where he’ll be. I’ll try to update the album with the related pictures later. Until then… Read More

AR Diary upgraded!

Tonight, I finally attempted to updated the AR Diary’s wordpress blog. It was an update from 1.5.2 or something to the latest 2.5 or something, so the big jump was a bit of a concern. Looking around, I got worried over how complex it seemed, then I came across a solution which only had me adding a plugin and exporting my entries. I tested the import on a trial blog and it worked perfectly. Hohoho. So I deleted the old diary and installed a new one via Fantastico. Which was a mistake, cos it deleted my whole diary folder, which Read More

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