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Orange Red Eclipse

Kamahn's new eyes. (And our favourite pair to boot.)

Seph: New eyes~! New eyes~! New eyes~! ^o^
Kamahn: . . .

Seph: They look soooo goood~! ^o^
Kamahn: . . .
Seph: You don't think so? T_T

Seph: I ordered them especially for you~! ^o^

Seph: I wanna take more pics of you in these eyes~!

Seph: Let's do a pose~!

Seph: And another pose~! ^o^

Seph: And another~!

Seph: And another~!

Seph: Oh, oh~! Another angle~!

Seph: . . . Why haven't you said anything yet? O_o

Seph: So you _really_ like the eyes, huh?
Kamahn: What is with the wig I'm wearing?
Seph: Oh. Haha. *_* You mean the curl on top? Haha. *_*

Kamahn: *grits teeth*
Seph: T_T I don't know. The wig is like that. T_T Don't you love your new eyes? T_T

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