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Seph: I'm really sorry we can't keep the eyes you were modelling just now. =(
Kamahn: . . .
Seph: I'll get you your own pairs as soon as I can.
Kamahn: *glares* Use the money to get Him a body.
Seph: Er...all right, all right. -_-

Ferrahn: That's just like him. Complaining about everything.
Seph: You're the same, Ferrahn.
Errand: Yeah. =^_^=
Ferrahn: *snarls*

Silren: Is something bothering you, Kamahn?
Ferrahn: Something's _always_ bothering him. *purrs*
Razkil: Poor Kamahn.
Ferrahn: Don't 'poor Kamahn' him, Razkil. He's the one putting himself in such a pathetic state.

Errand: Cheer up, Kamahn.
Seph: *grin*
Kamahn: Don't touch me, you stupid rat.
Errand: See, Razkil. You shouldn't have told me to comfort him. =-_-=
Ferrahn: *purrs*
Seph: *laughs*

Silren: *pats his arm* Things will be better.
Kamahn: . . .

Kamahn: How can you say that?
Silren: . . .

Ferrahn: Maybe because he knows better than to keep himself in such a state of mental disease.
Seph: *sigh* I kinda miss the times when you were lording us around.
Razkil: Poor Seph.
Errand: Poor all of us. =-_-=
Seph: Yeah. Poor us. T_T

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