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PhoenixLancer and LisaDragon came over with their dolls so that we could have a
"Brunei Dollmeet", and take a picture of all the BJDs in Brunei.

Here's the whole gang, minus a couple of heads and some Unoa faceplates. *grin* We have a total of 15 resin ball-jointed dolls. Ferrahn and Errand aren't included in the count. And neither are Luthien and Evien's cats, and our other Neo Go Guys who aren't in the picture.

A closeup: Mars' Alitos and Rathi, our Yuki, Mars' Kali, our Iksir and lil Shy.

Our gang are on the red sofa, and Mars' Galad and Ryu are sitting on the floor in front of them.

Rathi has on a really lovely dress. ^o^

There's PhoenixLancer's Damyn and Mars' Ash next to Iksir. ^_^

We had kinda forgot Errand's mouse and Ferrahn's cat in the earlier pictures. *grin*

Kali looks really pale next to our Yuki.

Seph fell in love with the hands on Galad's Volks SDC body. ^o^ Those SDC hands are just mini versions of the SD13 default hands--Seph's personal favourite.

Comparing Kamahn's optional MSD hands with the SDC one. The MSD hands are chubbier--something we'd always wish were otherwise...

Volks mini boys! Galad is a SDC Miko, while our Miraj is a MSD Schulze! ^o^ Miraj had been given a quick faceup so that we could have him in the photos. It's not very satisfactory, but it sufficed. ^_^

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