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Meeting Damyn

PhoenixLancer had bought a Latidoll Red M, and we got to meet him. ^_^

The day before guests came over, Seph had been excited over meeting Damyn in person as the Latidoll Red bodies are muscular and sleek. She'd been telling Ferrahn that he'd be interested as well, etc etc. Ferrahn had sniffed disdainfully, and said that he wasn't going to be around when PhoenixLancer came over with Damyn. Seph got him to agree (grudgingly) to stay a while just to see Damyn, and he'd said quite pointedly that they (ie, Razkil and he) weren't going to stick around long.

And so the next day, when PhoenixLancer and Damyn came...

Ferrahn gets a real good look at Damyn's body. Lordy. Damyn has pecs and abs to die for. Ferrahn's Neo Go Guy might be hot, but it definitely doesn't have the definition Damyn has on his torso.

Damyn was blushed by Mars. *grin* Seph was told she'd enjoyed the job. *laughs*

Ferrahn wasn't impressed, but Seph sure was. ^o^

Damyn's trying on his new kimono.

Yuki's head is _huge_ compared to Damyn's. (Actually, Damny's head is about the size of an MSD head. *_* Uber small, but it suits his long slender body.)

Here's Yuki wondering what the hell Damyn's doing. *laughs*

Here's a size comparison of sorts. Yuki's SD16 body doesn't have the details Damyn's has, and he is just bulky in size overall, rather than in muscles.

Damyn posing with our accessories. ^_^

Finding clothes for him were a bit hard... His legs are longer than Kaesh's long legs. *_* Most pants are too short on him.

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