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Note: This story is a roleplay and has no basis or continuity in our real timeline.

Iksir and Razkil are hanging out at Iksir's house...


Iksir: ARGH!!

Iksir: What's THIS THING doing here?!
Razkil: Miraj must have followed me here just now.
Iksir: I _HATE_ cats! And I especially HATE this ugly cat of yours!
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: Get it away! Kick it outside NOW, Razkil!!
Razkil: I don't know if he'll able to find his own way home...
Iksir: I don't give a DAMN! It goes out NOW!

Iksir: ARGH!!!

Iksir: Get it away! GET IT AWAY! Get it AWAY!!
Razkil: Sorry, sorry. Miraj! Stop bothering Iksir!

Razkil: Sorry. But, you know, he's just trying to be friends with you. I think he likes you.
Iksir: Do I look like a cat lover?!
Razkil: Well, he must know we're good friends so he wants to be friends too.
Iksir: Don't be stupid! It's just a stupid cat! You should never have picked it up!
Razkil: Didn't you feel sorry for the poor abandonned thing?
Iksir: They threw it away for a good reason!


Iksir: LOOK! It's trying to come over! And, shit! What's it doing on the couch!? There's going to be cat hair all over!
Razkil: I'll bring him home.
Iksir: Yes! And go drown it in your koi pond before I do!
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: And you're not coming over again until you get rid of it!
Miraj the cat: "Meow?"
Iksir: GET OUT NOW!!
Razkil: *sigh* See you in school tomorrow.

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