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Note: This story is a roleplay and has no basis or continuity in our real timeline.

It's "matsuri" (festival) time in Japan, and Razkil the "gaijin" (foreigner) is going to meet up with Iksir.
He's currently at Iksir's house to pick him up...

Razkil: I can't wait to join the matsuri. You always read about it and see other people's pictures, but to get to experience it in person! I wish Iksir would hurry up so that we can go now.

Razkil: I wonder how he'll look in traditional wear. He's never in anything but his school uniform or those things he calls "cool" clothes.

Iksir: Yo!

Iksir: You're early.
Razkil: No, I'm not. I thought we could get a bite before it gets dark.

Razkil: You're not in a yukata?
Iksir: Huh? No way!

Iksir: Why the hell would I want to be in a yukata?
Razkil: . . . well, it's matsuri... I thought you'd dress up a bit.
Iksir: I _am_ dressed up. I bought this shirt and this pleated wrap just for tonight. How do I look? *grin*
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: What? You seriously didn't think I was going to be in something Japanese, did you?
Razkil: Well...

Iksir: Hey, look. How many times do I have to tell you; just because you're into Japan and all things Japanese, it doesn't mean I have to be.
Razkil: You don't have to be; but I was just looking forward to seeing you dressed in something Japanese for once.
Iksir: You're pissing me off. Why should I be in a yukata or a kimono? What's wrong with the way I'm dressed? You don't like the way I look? Does it embarrass you?!
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: I'm sick of this. If you want to dye your hair black, and wear black contacts just so you can pretend to be Japanese, go ahead. But don't force _me_ into any of your stupid ideals. I've been Japanese all my life! If I decide I don't want to look the part, that's _my_ decision. What gives you the right to tell me I can't dress the way I want?! Why should _I_ dress the way _you_ want!?

Iksir: Fucking moron.
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: Since you're too embarassed to be seen with me, please leave. You don't have to look for me anymore.

Razkil: Iksir, stop it.
Iksir: I _am_ stopping it. From now on, you don't have to look at me and feel dissatisfied anymore.
Razkil: Iksir...
Iksir: Get out.
Razkil: . . . that had hurt.
Iksir: You think it doesn't hurt every time I see you looking at me with disapproval? I get enough of that from my parents.
Razkil: . . . I'm sorry.

Iksir: You idiot! Are you going to cry?
Razkil: No...
Iksir: Baka!! Why are your eyes filling up then?
Razkil: I'm not crying. I'm just upset. I'd said I was sorry, hadn't I? I know it upsets you so I've tried to stop asking you to dress Japanese. I'd just thought that today was a special occasion...
Iksir: Okay, okay, I get it. Look! There's a tear down your face!
Razkil: *wipes it away* No, there's not.
Iksir: Baka! All right, I'm not mad anymore, so stop being upset.

Iksir: And look, your collar's out of place. Hold still.

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