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Note: This story is a roleplay and has no basis or continuity in our real timeline.

Razkil is a gaijin, a foreigner, living in Japan.
He's been going to school there and has made a few friends.
One of his friends is Iksir, whose real name is Japanese, which he dislikes with a passion.
Iksir calls Razkil a
nihon (Japan) freak, while everyone else in school calls him a gaijin freak.

Currently, Razkil is at home...

Razkil: *thinks* The winter uniform does look good, doesn't it?

Iksir: ? *thinks* What's he doing?

Iksir: Yo, Razkil.

Razkil: Iksir!
Iksir: Your mum told me you'd be out here. Whatcha doing?
Razkil: ...nothing much.
Iksir: Why are you in your winter uniform? We won't be wearing it till next term.
Razkil: ...I'm just trying it out. To test the fit.

Iksir: *grin* Let me guess. You just had to come home and give it a try, the nihon freak that you are! Hahaha!
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: It's the first time you've ever put on the uniform, isn't it? So how does it feel? Does it give you tingles up your spine? Is it almost orgasmic? *chuckles*
Razkil: . . . don't be rude.

Iksir: Well, it's true, isn't it? You rushed home without waiting for me, and made me think you were sick or something. So I run here all worried just to find you trying on your new uniform. *grin* You're a nihon freak, and you know it. I mean, people are usually only this excited about the new porn video they've just bought! *laughs*
Razkil: There's nothing wrong about being excited over something new!
Iksir: A-ha! You admit you're excited about it! *grin* Just make sure you clean up before giving it to your mum for washing! *chuckles*
Razkil: That's not funny, Iksir!
Iksir: You sound mad.
Razkil: I _am_ mad! If you didn't come for anything, then please leave.

Iksir: Wow... You're really mad.
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: . . . I _was_ worried when I thought you could be sick...
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: Okay, okay, I'm sorry! I won't say anything about the uniform anymore, okay?
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: Don't be such a wuss. We're best friends, right?
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: What happened to the friendly, open-armed and warm-hearted gaijins we all read about and see on tv? *grin*
Razkil: . . .
Iksir: Of course, you forgive me. Thank you.
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: . . .
Razkil: *sigh*

Iksir: Whoa... Look, your sexy neighbour next door looks like she's going to sunbathe on the balcony in that tiny bikini.
Razkil: . . .

Iksir: Wow... Just check out her udders! I bet they're a D, E, F, G and all the way to Z!
Razkil: Iksir, stop that!
Iksir: Hey, she's the one showing them off!
Razkil: She's in the privacy of her own home!
Iksir: Razkil, you're not going to give a damn who oogles at your melons when your everyday clothes are as tiny as that bikini!
Razkil: . . . Still! Stop staring!
Iksir: All right, all right.

Iksir: Come inside and change then. I came over to try out that new Wii game that you'd mentioned.
Razkil: Which one? I bought two yesterday.
Iksir: I hate you rich diplomats. Both of them! We'll play them both; buy ten more, and play them all!

Iksir: Come on!
Razkil: . . .

Razkil: *thinks* If Iksir weren't such a gaijin freak, would he have singled me out to befriend on my first day of school? He probably won't admit it; but I know he'd never have given me a second look if my looks hadn't screamed gaijin or unique. So are we real friends? Or does he hang out with me because it strokes his fancy. *pause* Now I'm starting to make lewd analogies the way he always does.

Iksir: Hey, Razkil. Are you coming along willingly, or do I have to carry you over my shoulder?
Razkil: Sorry. I'm coming.
Iksir: Hurry up. Go get changed, and I'll go look at the new games.

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