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Note: This story is a roleplay and has no basis or continuity in our real timeline.

A boy called Yukijo is out in town...

It's time and he's still not here yet. . .

I wonder what's keeping him. He'd have called if something important had come up, right?

Maybe I should give him a call... I mean, what if he's actually changed his mind about coming, but didn't want to tell me till he had to... And I'll be here waiting like an idiot.

But if he's actually on the way here, he'd be driving and I might be distracting him by calling...

. . . but what if he's got into an accident and can't call me? I _should_ call, shouldn't I? Just in case that's the case...

That's right, I should call. Just to make sure everything's all right.

He won't be mad if he knows I was just worried, right? It wouldn't seem like I'm being pushy or demanding or anything, right? I mean, I don't want to seem like some worrisome girl or something...

Right. I'll just give him a call. All casual-like. Right.

. .
. . .

*hangs up*

I can't do it!

Crap! I'm such a wuss!! It's just a stupid phone call and I don't have the guts to do it! ARGH!!

And now people are staring at me like I'm a loony too. Crap. Had I been talking out loud?


"Hey, Yuki!"


"Hey! You're here!"
"Yeah! Only five minutes late too! Haha! You've been waiting long?"

"Me? No. *laughs sheepishly* No, not long. I think..."
"You should have called to tell me you were already here. I'd have got here sooner."
"Oh. Haha. I time..."
"Great. Let's go. I'm starving!"

"Great"! He'd said great to a next time! YES!

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